How To Write Speaking Activities

Learners of English are often reluctant to open their mouths and speak, and in turn, teachers around the world worry about trying out speaking activities in their classes in case they grind to a halt. In this book Sarah Cunningham, co-author of Cutting Edge, shares her experience of writing speaking activities and focuses on setting the students up to succeed. An Activity Bank gives concrete examples as well as being a useful reference for when you write your own speaking activities.

This book provides:

  • help with identifying the purpose of the speaking activity and finding appropriate topics for the target audience.
  • stimulating interest in the topic and providing a reason to communicate.
  • writing clear rubrics and supplying key language.
  • avoiding potential problems that could bring the activity to an untimely halt.

This book forms part of the ELT Teacher 2 Writer training course. The course is designed to help you write better ELT materials, either for publication, or simply to improve the quality of your self-produced classroom materials.

How To Write Speaking Activities forms part of our How To Write Excellent ELT Materials: The Skills Series compendium.

Sarah Cunningham 

Sarah taught in Spain and the UK before doing the DELTA in 1986. Liz Soars was her course tutor and suggested her (and course-mate Bill Bowler) as authors for Headway Pronunciation. Sarah went on to write other Headway supplementaries before writing (with husband, Peter Moor) the first edition of Cutting Edge in 1998. They wrote two further editions of this ground-breaking adult course as well as an upper secondary course called Real Life.

Sarah Cunningham

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