How To Write Corporate Training Materials

If you teach English in a corporate context, or are a writer looking to create bespoke materials for specific clients, this book is for you.

Drawing on twenty years of experience of writing language training materials for use in a corporate context, Evan Frendo explores the issues that are unique to corporate training. He starts with a guide to the kind of issues that writers/trainers need to discuss with the client at the beginning of a project and stresses the importance of understanding the particular needs and expectations of a company. He goes on to describe techniques for researching discourse practices within a company and he then shows how to interpret the data gathered, and feed it into the writing process. 

With the help of practical tasks and case studies from projects he has been involved in, Evan Frendo provides an invaluable guide to producing corporate training materials that will teach the employees the English they need, and delight all the stakeholders. 

This book forms part of the ELT Teacher 2 Writer training course. The course is designed to help you write better ELT materials, either for publication, or simply to improve the quality of your self-produced classroom materials.

How To Write Corporate Training Materials forms part of our How To Write Excellent ELT Materials: The ESP Series compendium.

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Evan Frendo

Evan has worked as a freelance English Language Teaching Professional, specializing in Business English and English for Specific Purposes, since 1993. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but his work takes him to different parts of Europe and Asia. Primarily he is a business English trainer, which means that he helps individuals and groups who need to improve their English in order to operate more effectively in an international business environment. He also provides consultancy services to a number of corporations, trains business English teachers and writes training materials. He has a Masters degree in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (Aston University), a Diploma in Teaching English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry), as well as a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (Cranfield University).

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