Sue Kay

I got my first English Language teaching job in Lyons, France in 1983. I did my Dip TEFL there in 1985, and then came back to Oxford where I started working for a teachers' cooperative. I stayed there for 18 years, and while I was there, I was in charge of supplementary materials. By a stroke of good fortune, I met Simon Greenall who asked me to write the Resource Packs to go alongside his best-selling course, Reward. Since then, I’ve been involved in various writing projects, mainly the Inside Out and New Inside Out series which I co-wrote with Vaughan Jones. I’m very happy to be working on T2W with Karen and Karen – we go way back, and without them Inside Out would never have seen the light of day. Karen Spiller was the Publisher who commissioned it, and Karen White was the Editorial Manager on both editions.