Richard Stacey

I trained and taught as an ELT teacher for four years and subsequently did a PGCE, after which I taught A Level Law and Business Studies, as well as being involved in the development of GNVQ courses and materials. Then in 1996, my career took a bit of a left turn when I went to RADA to train as an actor. Since then, my career as a writer of ELT materials has run in parallel with my acting career. I have written video courses and corporate materials for various publishers, including Macmillan (Real Lives, Cheeky Monkey and Quest), Grupo SM (That's English - the distance-learning, video-led course for the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas), CUP and OUP (Big City), and at the same time I've worked on stage and screen all over the world. I've even appeared in some of my own video courses, which leads to some interesting 'Who writes this stuff?' conversations between takes. In 2012 I'm appearing in the 40th Anniversary revival of Alan Ayckbourn's Absurd Person Singular, directed by the playwright as part of the Cultural Olympiad.