Karen White

I became interested in ELT materials while I was working at Bilkent University in Turkey during the 90s. I was lucky enough to get a place on a materials-writing course which was set up for Bilkent and run at Reading University over a summer. When we went back to Ankara I worked in a small team writing a series of Student’s Books, Workbooks and Teacher’s Books and I knew then that I had found something that I really enjoyed. From there it was an obvious move into publishing when I returned to the UK, and I’ve never looked back. Having worked my way from Editor to Publishing Manager in jobs with Richmond, Prentice Hall, Burlington Books and Macmillan, I left to become a freelance editor and project manager in 2008. I now spend my time doing everything from proofreading to managing multi-level, multi-component courses and training editors. Joining Karen and Sue on ELT Teacher 2 Writer has added another dimension to my work, and one I’m really excited about for the future.