The ELT Teacher 2 Writer Database

The database consists of writers, ranging from already widely-published writers, to enthusiastic teachers who write for their own teaching situations and want to find a wider audience. Any of the publishers whose logos are on our home page have access to the database, enabling them to search for writers who match the criteria of the projects they’re looking to resource. For example, a publisher can search for people with experience of teaching secondary classes in Spain and Poland, and who have had materials published. Another search could be done for people who have IELTS experience and who are willing to give feedback to a publisher on the materials they’re currently using in the class. This kind of information would typically take a publisher weeks to gather, but using our database it can be done by sending a batch email and collected literally overnight.

Registering and searches

When you register your details in the database, you'll find that you're asked for information about your teaching experience and what you're interested in writing. If you've already had materials published, you can add the details to your profile. You can also include details of our training eBooks that you've bought to show publishers that you're serious about your CPD.

Other forms of collaboration

There are other ways to get to know publishers:

  • They need to know what teachers think of the courses their new course will be competing with - are you willing to give feedback on the materials you're using or have used?
  • They need to understand what the particular requirements are of certain teaching situations - are you willing to participate in focus groups?
  • They need to test their concept and get feedback on sample material - are you willing to write readers' reports?
  • And when they publish a new course, they need to promote it at conferences and to teachers' groups - are you willing to give presentations and talks on their behalf?

You can indicate that you're willing to do some or all of these tasks when you register your details.