Ceri Jones

I first started teaching ELT in Italy in the 1980s. I worked for a great school where the owners were coursebook writers and from the very beginning we were encouraged to experiment and create our own materials. I first started writing published material with a colleague and friend at the school. We wrote supplementary materials for the Headway series and then later for Inside Out. We were very lucky to be offered the chance to write a sample for the Inside Out Advanced coursebook, and although we were no longer working in the same country (I had moved to Madrid) we continued to write together and enjoyed the challenges of distance writing. 

In Madrid I was involved in other coursebook projects, Framework for Richmond and Straightforward for Macmillan, both great projects that taught me a lot about the craft of coursebook writing. At the same time I was working as a DOS at a large language school and life was very busy! When my kids were born juggling work, writing and family became more and more difficult. I left my job at the language school and we moved south to the beautiful seaside town of Cadiz. I still teach part-time for a local school and have recently started tutoring on online training courses, but most of my working time is dedicated to writing. 

Since we moved to Cádiz I've worked on a number of different projects including grammar practice books, exam preparation, graded and non-graded readers and I have continued to write coursebooks. I'm currently working on The Big Picture, a new Richmond adult course. I'm really looking forward to joining the ELTT2W team and sharing my experiences of materials writing.